Artist: Telepopmusik

Country: France

Agent: Charlotte Toffano

Agency: pi-pole.com


13/06/2013 @ Theater Club (Capacity 800)

About band:

Télépopmusik is a French electronic music trio, composed of Fabrice Dumont (bassist of the pop band Autour de Lucie), Stephan Haeri (also known as «2 square» for his solo projects), and Christophe Hetier.

The group’s first album was Genetic World, with several singles from the album released subsequently. The group’s second album,Angel Milk was released in 2005.

Rapper Mau, from Earthling, appeared as guest vocalist on both Genetic World as Soda-Pop (tracks «Genetic World», «Da Hoola» and «Trishika») and on Angel Milk as Mau («Anyway», «Last Train To Wherever», «Hollywood On My Toothpaste», «Tuesday» and «15 Minutes»).

The track «Breathe» from the album Genetic World was used in a Mitsubishi television commercial to launch the 2003 Outlander. It was also nominated for a Grammy Award in the category Best Dance Recording at the ceremony held in February 2004. The track peaked at #42 in the UK Singles Chart in March 2002. Angela McCluskey, the co-writer and guest vocalist on «Breathe,» is from the American band Wild Colonials.

The track «Love Can Damage Your Health» gained popularity in the house music genre as a result of a remix by DJ/Producer Dennis Ferrer and Abicah Soul.

On 24th June 2013 they released Try Me Anyway / Fever EP which featured New York based vocalist Betty Black (Sylvia Gordon) and remixes from Dirty Channels, Zombie Disco Squad, Populette, Pit Spector and Pino Rastovitch.

Besides their new EP, Télépopmusik are in studio working on a new album which will be their first album release since 2005.