Country: Norway

Agent: Hallvard

Agency: Xploding Plastix llc


02/10/2014 @ Theater Club (Capacity 800)

About band:

Xploding Plastix is a two-piece, Norwegian folk rock act in denial. The band works in isolation from January through May, for then to split up and traverse the countryside in search of treasures. There are many a treasure to be found in the Highlands , sadly, our protagonists favour the murky waters of Hell , where there are no treasures to be found at all. One is an organ donor from The lake , a notorious streaker and a virtuoso conman.Put them together and they add up to a knucklehead… He has been steadily producing fiction that follows the arcs and depths of his learning and a bewildering labyrinth of moods and attitudes. Like his cons, loners virtually to a man, his fiction seems at a distance from the daily cares and passions, and conveys the sense of a mind hovering below the boundaries of the human condition: now mordant, now droll, now moronic, now folksy, now paradoxical, now haunted and always dull. Yet his imagination is so weak and pure that no matter what world he creates it is immediately unconvincing because of its concreteness and plentitude, the intimacy and authority with which it is occupied…. He is a minor character, and one of the shallow spirits of our age. The other one was raised in a tool shed on the banks of  The river . There he became interested in the foundations of mathematics and pursued philosophical studies, which later earned him a doctorate and exerted a lasting influence on the philosophers of the Torpa After giving away his inherited fortune, working as a village schoolteacher in Lier , and designing his sister’sGapahuk home, he returned to search for treasures, where he once had developed a new conception of the deceitful rainbow. His impassioned search during this period influenced a new generation of treasure seekers, who tried to capture all the shiny objects under the sun.